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Whole Health Family Chiropractic has changed my life. I started seeing Dr. Rita because I was having a hard time getting pregnant. After one miscarriage and 2 and a half years of trying to concieve, I thought I should try alternative methods. Dr. Rita performed food allergy testing and found out which foods didn't agree with me and affecting my ability to concieve. She then started me and my husband on full body detoxification. I was also seeing Dr. Rita 3 times a week for adjustments and acupuncture treatments. I eliminated all the food allergens from my diet and while doing the detoxification, my husband and I found out the wonderful news that we were going to be blessed with a child.
I continued seeing Dr. Rita to keep me aligned all through the pregnancy. She also performed acupuncture to give me energy, help me keep food down and eliminate nausea.
On the day my beautiful daughter was born, I was in labor for a short while and delivered her smoothly with no complications. Doctors were impressed how easy and fast the delivery was, and I thank Dr. Rita for keeping me aligned all through my pregnancy.
Shortly after my daughter was born, I brought her in to see Dr. Rita because she was suffering from acid reflux. The medications doctors gave her caused her to have diarrhea and didn't help at all. Dr. Rita performed gentle adjustments and special children's acupuncture on her, and with her magical touch my baby no longer suffers from acid reflux and is a very healthy little girl. We both enjoy our trips to Dr. Rita and would recommend her to anyone!

Amanda N

I went to Whole Health Family Chiropractic somewhat skeptical at first. I've never been to a chiropractor before and I felt uneasy about going. I'm so glad that I went because Dr. Rita made me feel comfortable in my own body again. Thank you so much for all that you've done. I'm forever grateful to have my health back again!

John R

I have received relief from nagging back/hip issues after almost 2 decades of accepting pain as my "new normal" is quite an understatement! On a recent trip to India, I was frantic that my back would not support the long travel and intense activities scheduled for this kind of trip. This is when Dr Rita's hands went to work. With a regiment of spinal/hip adjustments, acupuncture and then afterwards with nutrional support and more chiropractic care for jet-lag-related nausea, I was able to enjoy the trip of a lifetime. I know that the natural path of chiropractic is for me and more importantly my body likes it! And because I continue to challenge my body faithfully through yoga practice, I am making Dr Rita a regular part of my healing journey. Thank you, dear!

Diane S: